The Chronicles of Lenne: Episode 5: Search for the Sunset

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July 24th, '77: The One Where Jarvis Wasn't Dead

Jarvis wakes up suddenly to the (Thieves Guild?) leader speaking with him about the results of his ‘test’ in the dungeon. Upon receiving a letter and a task to deliver it to The Judge, Jarvis prepares for the journey and meets up with the rest of the team on Gizmo.

After much discussion, Eli and the Pillar of Water stay on the boat in relative safety while Orlando, Rancor, and Jarvis head into the forest to make their way towards The Judge.

Making camp as it begins to grow dark (7:30-8:00~), Rancor notices something in the brush nearby. After failing to catch a proper glimpse of them for some time, it’s revealed to be a flock (congregation? murder? coalition?) of Thin Men! Battle ensues.

After a broken bow string, a disembodied slender claw embedded in rancor’s shoulder, and 3 dead Slendermen, the team runs from the site of the battle aiming to distance themselves from any more Slendermen, or worse…

4 hours after their battle with the slendermen, the party encounters the end of the forest and stumble upon the beginning of the marsh.

Eventually, the trio make their way to a small mountain with a cave inside. Upon meeting the Judge, they speak about the Sunset, the Pillars, and the Conduits


The Vessel – Charlotte
The Hand of the Magi
The Mind of the Historian
The Heart of the Paladin
The Eyes of the Seer

One needs 5 pillars, and one conduit to bring forth the sunset.

The Judge has lived 500 years, as well When the 5 conduits are brought together it’s said to bring about The Sunrise. Only conduits can find other conduits, only pillars can find other pillars. Except The Sand. (Which the thief king mentioned max to be filled with earlier).

Session 10: A new purpose and a new course

When we last left our heroes… the groups situation becomes even more dire as tensions grow amoungst the group as different people try to find what they are looking for in the City of Barthos… also Jarvis died at the end of the last session and that was sad.


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