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this is the a very special campaign for me as it is based off the first campaign i ever created back when i was only 16! i knew nothing about DND and i only had 2 players to start which quickly became only one (Eli) who has now become the Main NPC for the Campaign.

Here are some Basic stats for playing the games.

Episode 5 Campaign Setting:Search For The Sunset

Introduction: The party is a rare group chosen to study under the great teacher and scholar Librarian Yew. At there final graduation day they receive message that the king of the land has fallen ill and his kingdom in under threat. Something is bringing all of the chromatic Dragons together against the races of the land. The only thing that can help them now is the staff of the Golden Dragon. But it hasn’t been seen is almost 100 years. So they must first find the silver sundial. An ancient relic that allows for time travel.

Main Story: Once they have uncovered the relic and think they understand how to use it. They activate the time machine. Over jumping by years. The relic always stays in the time is was used in so they don’t have a way back and they don’t know where the staff will be located for years. With only their party and their teachings from Yew they must navigate the old world and find both the weapon to save their home and find a way back to it.

Races: Aasimars, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half Elves, Half Orcs, Halflings, Humans, Orcs, Teiflings.

Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rouge,Sorcerer, Wizard, Calviler, Inquisitor, Oracle, Witch

Characters: Librarian Yew (Elf Wizard) Magi Professor
Ellenor Bremnen (Half Elf Rouge) Spy Valintine Michael Smith( Elven Wizard)

Geography: 3 Continents. Home, Armania and the Floating Isles. Home Is the Most diverse of all the continents with several races all with separated kingdoms and treaties to maintain peace. Aramnia is the home of the older races, elves and those close to immortality. Making this place the home of history and knowledge. The floating Isles are known in this era for being particularly wild, with many new races and a different view from the ground dwellers below. (known for using the barter system).

Ecology: Although the world has entered a new state of revitalization, there is a lot of under the table racism. And hatred. Elves espiaally have recently gained a bit of a superiority complex. Causeing much unrest and resentment among the other races of man. Word is preading quickly that the people of Armania are raising there forces for an upcoming war, but with no opposing side yet known. The other continents Fear that they are planning a hostile take over of the many lands of the realms.

The Chronicles of Lenne: Episode 5: Search for the Sunset

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